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Never get complaint from customers about TV and Internet. Act before you lose customer. We will provide you hassle free solution and create more satisfied customers for your business.

We are very pleased to offer our customers IPTV, Digital and Broadband Internet in a same single wire. TvNet technologies we use have made us capable to provide our customer ground breaking speed to surf and download in the Internet with the lighting speed.

TvNet is technically based on Ethernet technology. You will enjoy high speed internet through in home cabling of existing Coaxial cable that you have been using to watch TV. Thus, just like its name the TV and the Internet come along the same co-axial cable.

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Internet and TV on the same wire.

We are very pleased to offer our customers Digital TV, IPTV and Broadband Internet in a same single wire.

Use your existing Ethernet Cable, Coaxial Cable or Fiber Cable

No need to change your existing cable infrastructure for the room internet. Our master technology will send the TV and Internet signal in your existing cable.

IPTV, DTV and High Speed Internet

Our aim is to satisfy you and your customers with High Speed Internet and TV in every room.

Internet Speed up to 100mbps to 1GBPS for each room.

Let your customer experience exceptional fast high speed internet in every room.

Use our IPTV Service. We provide hotel branding in TV system.

Let your customer view hotel welcome screen. Advertise your events in tv screen.

Having our IPTV system will make your TV a Smart TV

Customer can use YouTube, NetFlix, Tiktok Facebook and explore many more.

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